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Views from the tower top Tashkent

Tashkent, Uzbekistan was an interesting place to visit, as it was my first destination within Central Asia and is a traditionally closed-off area that is not so prepared to receive tourists. You can only get a visit visa by invitation from the government (which some travel agencies there can arrange), local currency is highly regulated, […]

Nyhavn at dusk Copenhagen

I visited Copenhagen, Denmark only once so far, in September 2013. The weather was nice and sunny most days, so I got a chance to take many bright and clear pictures. I stayed there a few days and had a chance to take a full open-top bus tour around the city and attend a dinner theater […]

DSC00153 Como

This lake-side resort in the north of Italy is simply stunning in the summer. The town comes alive with music festivals and adventurous tourists from all over the world. I was here in June 2013 at the same time I visited Milan nearby. The set below shows my arrival into the area and relaxing drive […]

DSC01221 Munich

This is Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Germany, and home to some famous beer and car brands. I visited here in June 2013.  In the gallery below you will see some of characteristic sights of the city including the modern airport, a unique sport of “river surfing” in the middle of town, the historic […]

DSC02818 Glasgow

I was truly impressed with Glasgow as a modern design city and shopping hub, as I had expected to see an old and slow place. You will see below the astounding amount of modern architecture, shopping centers, and active people lining the streets. I visited here in September 2012 and the weather was mostly rainy/windy, […]

DSC04184 Melbourne

This is a wonderful Australian city! I visited here in November 2012 and the weather was great.. was so impressed with the views that I ended up walking almost 12km on foot just to make sure I saw and photographed every nook of the city. I was mainly beguiled by the ultra-modern architechture in the […]

DSC08647 Manila

Manila was a very pleasant surprise. Despite what you might hear about it, the city is a hidden gem with contrasts of colonial history and urban modernity. There are areas comparable to old Central American cities as well as areas on par with the nicer parts of Los Angeles! Manila has done well to grow […]

DSC05347 Auckland

Auckland is an incredibly scenic city on the North Island of New Zealand, strewn across many mountainous islands and bays (as you will see in the aerial shots). Dubbed the City of Sails, it’s bustling harbour is always full of boats and is great for touring/island hopping. I was fortune to be there in late […]

DSC03385 Iguazu Falls

We visited these vast incredible waterfalls in February 2010, while on a trip to other parts of Brazil and Argentina. Apart from the hot/humid weather, this was quite a heavenly experience and a highly recommended visit for everyone. Just a note to make sure you mind your visa situation before you go, as it’s a […]

Amazing view of Dubrovnik from the south side (towards airport) Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a truly magical city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. I had a brief visit here in June 2013 and took a drive around the winding, scenic coastline as well. The biggest attraction here is the historic Old Town, which is a high-walled fortress on the sea. It’s narrow alleys are now home […]