DSC01221 Munich

This is Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Germany, and home to some famous beer and car brands. I visited here in June 2013. ┬áIn the gallery below you will see some of characteristic sights of the city including the modern airport, a unique sport of “river surfing” in the middle of town, the historic […]


I visited the German capital in the summer of 2015, and was amazed by its colorful mix of historic and modern buildings. I took open bus and river cruise tours to make sure I saw more parts of the city and entered a few museums as well. Berlin is quite easy to get around with […]


Hamburg is a German city facing the North Sea. As a fan of modernist architecture, I was immediately drawn to its newly-renovated port area called Hafencity. These photos are from 2015 as many new buildings were under construction so perhaps there are more by now.

DSC00580 Frankfurt

Frankfurt is known best as a global air traffic hub and the financial capital of the European Union. Though I visited here in the summer (June 2013), I remember the night was quite chilly and it was difficult to dine outdoors even with heaters around and a sweater on! Locals told me that it fluctuates […]

DSC00351 Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a modern and beautiful city in Germany. I visited here in the summer of 2013, though the overcast weather seen in the photos may not indicate that. I’m a big fan of creative architecture, and there sure is lots of that here! several unique and artistic buildings line the Rhine riverside park (Rheinpark) […]

DSC00437 Cologne
DSC00464 Bonn