United Kingdom

DSC02818 Glasgow

I was truly impressed with Glasgow as a modern design city and shopping hub, as I had expected to see an old and slow place. You will see below the astounding amount of modern architecture, shopping centers, and active people lining the streets. I visited here in September 2012 and the weather was mostly rainy/windy, […]


Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest city and home to many iconic structures such as a colorful Public Library, the Mailbox arcade, and bubble-shaped Bullring shopping mall. Photos are from the summer of 2014.


Photos coming soon!


Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a historic northerly city in England, famous for its iconic “blinking-eye” bridge (which you will see lots of in the colorful pictures below), with the riverside area and amazing architecture around it. Photos are from summer of 2014.

DSC03239 Manchester

I came to Manchester is October 2012 to visit a friend, and was amazed at all the diversity of people here,.. there are some streets which are entirely lined with ethnic restaurants/cafes and signs written in several languages. Manchester is home to a great university and some historic and artsy hotels.  The central district is particularly nice and […]

DSC02985 London

London is a mega-city, one of only two cities rated as Alpha++ in terms of infrastructure (the other being New York). I’ve visited the UK’s capital way back in winter 1996, then again recently in fall 2012. Lots has changed over the year of course, except for the historic areas obviously. So much to see […]