I visited Milan for the first (and only) time in June 2013. The visit was blessed with great summer weather and cool breezy nights. I had a rental car and drove to see the famous Sforza Castle… as I arrived there was some sort of Brazilian demonstration going on which you will see below!

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On the drive into Milan

On the drive into Milan



Beautiful fountains at the castle entrance


Here I was surprised to see the African peddlers chasing tourists to sell knock-off products of the same elite fashion brands made in Milan itself! How do the authorities allow this to happen?!

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In the next set of photos below, you will see my visits to famous attractions in the center of Milan such as the historic Duomo cathedral and the famous Galleria shopping plaza. Needless to say, parking was quite the challenge on those narrow inner-city streets!


A panoramic shot of the square here the cathedral is located.


The impressive cathedral facade (photo with artistic filter)

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Apparently a movie or ad was being filmed in the main square

The open-air Galleria mall is home to Italy’s famous fashion and luxury brands.

DSC00230tDSC00231 DSC00232 DSC00233 DSC00234 DSC00236 DSC00237 DSC00239 DSC00223 DSC00235

This creative needle & thread sculpture denotes Milan's central fashion district

This creative needle & thread sculpture denotes Milan’s central fashion district

Milan’s artistic train station below

DSC00306 DSC00307 DSC00309 DSC00310 DSC00311 DSC00313


DSC00314 DSC00315

This is the hip Navigli district of Milan, where canals are lined with cafes and nightlife spots. (I only had a chance to visit here during the day, where it’s packed with the Appertivo (happy hour) crowd and music performers.

DSC00271 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00274 DSC00275 DSC00276 DSC00278 DSC00279 DSC00281 DSC00282 DSC00283 DSC00286

Here are some more photos from around Milan, mainly the financial district.


Surprisingly this building has a tower extension that looks just like Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

DSC00241 DSC00242 DSC00302 DSC00221 DSC00304 DSC00222 DSC00305 DSC00287 DSC00288 DSC00290 DSC00291 DSC00292 DSC00293 DSC00295 DSC00296 DSC00297 DSC00298 DSC00299 DSC00300 DSC00316 DSC00226

Took these photos on the way out of Milan — luckily got to see some charming views of the Alps from the plane.


Beware non-pork eaters — it’s the ONLY thing on offer at this airport (I checked 7 or 8 outlets). Pork-lovers feast as they have so many elegant varieties of it!

DSC00325 DSC00326 DSC00327 DSC00329 DSC00330 DSC00331 DSC00332 DSC00333 DSC00335 DSC00337 DSC00340

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