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DSC03239 Manchester

I came to Manchester is October 2012 to visit a friend, and was amazed at all the diversity of people here,.. there are some streets which are entirely lined with ethnic restaurants/cafes and signs written in several languages. Manchester is home to a great university and some historic and artsy hotels.  The central district is particularly nice and […]

DSC02818 Glasgow

I was truly impressed with Glasgow as a modern design city and shopping hub, as I had expected to see an old and slow place. You will see below the astounding amount of modern architecture, shopping centers, and active people lining the streets. I visited here in September 2012 and the weather was mostly rainy/windy, […]

DSC06096 Wellington

This is the capitol of New Zealand and a city rich in local culture and film. At the beautiful harbor, the Te Papa museum houses national historic artifacts, while nearby in the mountain boroughs, film studios abound which had flourished during the making of the Lord of Rings series and now continue on with the […]

DSC07342 Sydney

Sydney is famous worldwide as the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia. Globally renowned attractions include the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Darling Harbour and the many wharfs and coves. While visiting here in November 2012, I took a full tour of the city by bus and visited a wildlife park teeming with exotic creatures […]

DSC04184 Melbourne

This is a wonderful Australian city! I visited here in November 2012 and the weather was great.. was so impressed with the views that I ended up walking almost 12km on foot just to make sure I saw and photographed every nook of the city. I was mainly beguiled by the ultra-modern architechture in the […]

DSC06715 Christchurch

When I visited this town, it was still reeling and reconstructing after the major earthquake which had sadly hit it. The central area was mostly closed off for teardown and redevelopment, except for a special tour that can take you inside the “red zone” only if you sign several waivers about your life! Fortunately I […]

DSC04701 Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful part of eastern Australia with mild weather year-round and a slew of attractions nearby (mainly in the Gold Coast, just a short drive away). The city itself has a stunning natural setting, caught between the mountains and the beach and build around a winding, cliffy river — this is captured very […]

DSC05347 Auckland

Auckland is an incredibly scenic city on the North Island of New Zealand, strewn across many mountainous islands and bays (as you will see in the aerial shots). Dubbed the City of Sails, it’s bustling harbour is always full of boats and is great for touring/island hopping. I was fortune to be there in late […]

DSC03961 Adelaide

Adelaide is a quaint and elegant city in South Australia. It keeps a simple, grid-like urban design with a nearby airport, and has an artsy ambiance  with less hustle and bustle than the other large cities.

DSC01345l Ohio