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I visited Bali one time for a conference in 2017, and to most people’s surprise, didn’t like it at all! For an island that’s supposed to be very popular for tourism and well-prepared for receiving them, I was shocked with the standards I saw there. From the moment I arrived at the airport I was […]


I haven’t actually been to Bangkok, but managed to get some nice shots from the air while connecting flights there. Hope these can give a glimpse of this huge, vibrant city until I have a proper visit there in the future and update this post.


Myanmar is the land of a thousand pagodas.. golden bell-shaped structures everywhere signifying its devout Buddhism. When I visited the capital city in April of 2017, it happened to be during the famous Thingyan festival in which everyone sprays each other with water in the streets to symbolize spiritual cleansing. Most shops and places were […]


Dhaka is crowded, mosquito-filled capital of Bangladesh. During my visit here in April 2017, I tried to capture the clashing qualities of modern vs. crumbling buildings, upscale shopping neighborhoods vs. small alleyways and such. The people are very nice and friendly, making their way through the bustle of the city and avoiding the frequent flooding!


As India’s technology capital, Bangalore’s civil infrastructure is surprisingly low-tech with its choked roads and extreme difficulty of getting around. I recall being shocked to see that my Uber ride from the airport to the hotel would take 1:43 while it was a Sunday night, away from any typical rush hour (though it was a […]


I was a bit underwhelmed when I visited Mumbai in Feb 2017. As the largest city in India (which is in turn the second-largest country in the world) I had expected a bit more order and modernity, better infrastructure and architecture at least. As you will see below, the city is still a disorganized mashup […]


Photos coming soon!


Colombo is the pleasant and historic capital of Sri Lanka, attracting hoards of tourists with its moderate year-round climate and gateway to outdoor activities in the surrounding beaches, mountains and jungles. Had a nice experience while visiting here in Jan 2017 just except for the local food which wasn’t to my own taste at all!


This is Indonesia’s second-largest city, and I have a short visit here in 2017. Transportation infrastructure is lacking here compared to Jakarta and it takes longer times to get around these small, crowded roads. I stayed at perhaps the only nice hotel which is connected to a large mall in the center area, and toured […]

Johor Bahru

Johor is the southernmost city of Malaysia, directly bordering Singapore (connected by a bridge).